What Are The Best Pipes For House Plumbing

What Are The Best Pipes For House Plumbing?

Have you ever wondered about the piping in your home? Is it in good shape? Is it too old? How long will it last? These are common questions home and business owners have regarding the plumbing of their space.


A question we are commonly asked is, what are the best pipes for plumbing?


Most Affordable Pipes

When it comes to flexibility and affordability, the most commonly used material for pipes in residential spaces is polyvinyl chloride pipe, also known as PVC Pipe. You may recognize this as the white piping you often see under your sink. This is the most common material we see because it is very low cost and comes in a large variety of sizes, fittings, and durability. Additionally, PVC is able to hold up in most climates, making it a popular choice for colder climates as well as warm.


Most Traditional Pipes

Copper has been used for many years, making it the most traditional piping material. Copper pipes are popular due to their long lifespans and reliability. These pipes are used to provide excellent corrosion resistance, great material to be used for hot and cold water, and are able to be managed easily.


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