Common Causes and Solutions For A Clogged Drain

Common Causes and Solutions For A Clogged Drain

Have you recently noticed that your bathtub is draining too slowly? Has your kitchen sink been filling up then slowly draining, making it difficult to wash dishes and prepare food? You could be dealing with a range of different potential problems. Most commonly, a slow draining tub or sink comes from a partial clog somewhere in your delicate plumbing system.


At AAA Select Plumbing, our team understands how important it is to keep water flowing and draining quickly in your residence. To help you from having to call us out to your home for minor issues you can fix on your own without a plumbing fee, we have put together a list of some of the most common causes of slow emptying drains, as well as some easy at-home solutions you can try on your own. If these solutions do not work for you, contact AAA Select Plumbing in Humble, TX right away. Our team will quickly help you resolve your plumbing problems and restore function to your space.


Hair Clog in the U-Bend: If you or someone in your household has long hair, unavoidably, it will end up going down the drain. Whenever it does this it will catch on the walls of the narrow plumbing pipe, eventually causing a clog as other hair, soap scum, and particles snag onto it. Over time, this can build up and lead to a complete blockage of your drain, or lead to slow draining and standing water. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your plumbing from this kind of blockage to avoid issues.


To get rid of a hair clog, you will want to simply unscrew the drain strainer and examine the inside of the pipe. You most likely will see the hairball sitting near the top of the pipe. Use a long tool, such as an inexpensive plumbing snake or hair hook to gently pull it out. Removing this will tremendously help you treat your slow draining problem.


Greasy Kitchen Drain: Kitchen sink clogs that are the product of built-up grease and food can be cleaned out by a simple at-home solution. Try adding ½ cup salt, ½ cup baking soda, and ½ cup vinegar to your drain in order to loosen up the grease and any food particles that may be trapped in the pipes. You will want to let the mixture sit in the plumbing for approximately half an hour. Afterwards, pour warm but not boiling water down the drain and check to see if this has helped your clog. If not try to do it again. When you still cannot get results, contact the team at AAA Select Plumbing in Humble, TX.


Note: If you have a clog that is being particularly stubborn, you can also try to use a plunger to free the clog. If you are plunging the sink, you’ll need to plug up the overflow hole to keep the pressure focused on the problem area while plunging. Run a little warm water into the sink or tub before placing the plunger over the drain and depress it rapidly several times. Remove the plunger and check to see if the water has drained. You can try this repeatedly to alleviate the partial or total clog.


The team at AAA Select Plumbing Services in Humble, TX is here to help you regain total control and function to your residential or commercial plumbing. Our team of professional plumbers provide a wide range of services to help with slow draining sinks and bathtubs, as well as treat other plumbing problems. At the first sign of an issue with the drains in your space, contact AAA Select Plumbing Services. If you have any questions or concerns about the plumbing system in your residential or commercial space, our team can help! We bring reliable plumbing solutions to home and business owners. Contact the team at AAA Select Plumbing Services in Humble, TX to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help bring convenience to your life.


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