Do I Really Need To Replace My Sewer Line

Do I Really Need To Replace My Sewer Line?

Older homes come with lots of charm and history, unfortunately they can also be the source of many costly repairs and inconveniences. Plumbing in a home, while meant to last for decades, was not always made from the same efficient long lasting materials as they are in our modern world. In fact, the older your home is, the more likely it is that the original plumbing will not be sustainable in your space. Sewer pipes are built strong and can last for long periods of time before needing to be replaced, but depending on the material they were constructed with, some sewage lines may not last as long as the others. Listed below are the most popular materials we see for sewage pipes and how long you can expect them to last in your residential or commercial space:


Cast Iron Pipes: Cast iron pipes typically have the longest lifespan, lasting home and business owners, on average, anywhere from 75-100 years. This is assuming they are well maintained and have never suffered major damage.


Clay Pipes: Clay pipes are no longer used in residential or commercial spaces due to their inefficiency, but this does not mean your space does not utilize this material for your sewage pipes. It\’s always a good idea when purchasing a home to ask about the plumbing materials and updates. When well maintained, clay pipes can last about 50 years, give or take a decade.


PVC Pipes: PVC is an affordable and long lasting material that is easy to maintain and repair. It is lightweight and makes for the most efficient plumbing in many situations. This piping material has not been around long enough to know how long they will last. Best estimates are over 50 years.


Unfortunately, there are too many variables when it comes to your particular property to give a precise estimate of how long your sewer line will last for. In some cases, homeowners may never experience an issue with their sewer line, while others may find they need to replace, reline, or reroute their sewer line one or more times in a span of a couple decades. Some of the most common influences that can impact the lifespan of a sewer line is damage from natural disasters, tree roots, soil condition, poor installation, and more. If you are unsure if it is time to replace the sewer line leading to your property, the experts at AAA Select Plumbing Services are here to help.


Sewer Line Replacement in Humble, TX

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