Fast Kitchen Drain Repair in Humble TX

Fast Kitchen Drain Repair in Humble TX

As homeowners, one of the most common and frustrating plumbing issues we face are clogged drains. At AAA Select Plumbing our provides a variety of quality services including fast kitchen drain repair in Humble, TX.

We can quickly identify if you have an obstruction or build-up causing your problem and provide you with a thorough drain cleaning to get your plumbing system back in order. If you are looking for a plumber in Humble, Texas to quickly correct your plumbing problem, reach out to our team today. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

7 Common Reasons You Have a Clogged Kitchen Sink

  1. Fat, Oil, or Grease

Any cooking ingredient with a high amount of fat in it—such as oil, bacon grease, or lard—may have been a liquid when you poured it down the sink, but over time, the fat hardens up as it meets the cool interior of the drain, causing annoying clogs. You should dump any kind of grease into an old coffee can and then get rid of it in the garbage.

  1. Starches

Pasta, potatoes, beans, and rice are four common culprits of clogged kitchen sinks. As they expand when exposed to water, they create a paste-like substance that’s an enemy to your pipes. Dispose of these foods in the trash can.

  1. Coffee Grounds

Similar to the starches we listed above, coffee grounds get heavy when mixed with water, blocking the pipes. Coffee should be thrown away in the garbage, tossed into the compost heap, or sprinkled on the soil of acid-loving plants like roses, as it lowers the soil’s pH.

  1. Other Food Scraps

Food should always go into the garbage disposal, the trash, or the compost because over time, bits and pieces of your dinner can become trapped in the P-trap, that curved pipe under the sink. Celery and other stringy foods should never go into the disposal, as they can get wrapped around the blades. Bones, fruit pits, and eggshells are other no-nos; they’re way too hard.

  1. Soap Scum

Many soaps are made with fats, and when they are mixed with hard minerals found in some water, they can build up a nasty clog in your pipes. To fix this, hire a local plumber to pressure-clean the pipes and look for soap-free cleansers.

  1. Toys and Other Small Objects

If you’ve got kids, there’s a chance that a marble, figurine, or other small object has accidentally been tossed into the kitchen sink, causing the clog. To clear the pipes of any miniature race cars or dinosaurs, you’ll likely want to call in a plumber as you’d need to remove the P- or J-trap.

  1. Tree Roots

If you’ve got multiple clogged drains, there’s a chance that your sewer line is backed up, and it could be from tree roots. The roots will look for even the smallest of cracks in your sewer line—which could exist if the lines are older—and will weasel in and grow inside. A plumber will need to break up the tree root and then use a tool to clear the sewer line, and you’ll likely need to get the lines repaired.

The residential plumbing team at AAA Select Plumbing comes highly recommended. Call our customer service team today to find out more about our fast kitchen drain repair in Humble, TX.

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