Reliable Plumbing Services in Humble TX

Reliable Plumbing Services in Humble TX

Are you a home or business owner looking for a reliable plumbing company in Humble, TX? The team at AAA Select Plumbing is here to help you. Our licensed plumbers and background checked and experienced in handling a wide range of plumbing issues.

Our reliable plumbers are familiar with all types of plumbing systems, offering sewer line repair, water heater repair, drain cleaning, repiping services, and much more. If you are dealing with a plumbing problem call us today. We offer the best Humble plumbing services in town.

When Should I Call A Plumber?

  • Low water pressure throughout the house: Several factors can cause this problem: obstructions (rust or debris) in the water lines, which can start at the meter and run all the way to the faucet aerators; low water pressure from the city supply or a well; or even poor supply-line design. A good plumber knows how to analyze the problem.
  • No hot water: It’s obvious what happened, but unless the hot water tank is leaking, it may take a while to find out why. If the tank is electric, it could be a bad heating element, a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, a faulty thermostat, or a bad overload switch. On gas heaters, thermocouple burners and igniters can fail.
  • Sewer line stoppage: If you’ve tried all the tricks you know to get your sewer line to drain properly, yet backups continue, you probably have a bad plug in the line that runs out to the main sewer. (Tree roots are often the cause.) Rather than rent one of the big sewer rodding machines that you may break — or that may damage your sewer — call a plumber or drain-cleaning service. If they get in trouble, they’ll make the repairs.
  • Frozen pipes: If a pipe freezes, close the main water shutoff valve and open a faucet nearby before attempting to thaw the pipe. Check carefully to see whether the pipe has already burst or cracked. If it’s bad news, you may need a plumber. If not, hair dryers and heat guns are the safest ways to thaw a pipe. If you must use a propane torch, do so with great care — old, dry wood (which usually surrounds pipes) catches fire easily. Even if the pipe isn’t burst or cracked, you still may want to call a plumber — some plumbers simply replace a section of frozen pipe rather than thaw it.
  • Extensive water line damage (usually caused by freezing): Repairing the problem can take up much of your valuable time. It’s better to pay a plumber so that you can earn money at your regular job.

These are just some of the important times you should reach out to a professional plumber to help resolve your plumbing issues. If you have a recurring problems with clogged sinks, running toilets, or strange odors, you will need a plumber.

Call us when you are looking for a reliable plumbing company in Humble, TX. Our team can help you resolve all of your plumbing issues quickly and effectively.

Comprehensive Plumbing Services in Humble, TX

AAA Select Plumbing Services is proud to be a Veteran Owned business. We handle residential and light commercial plumbing, new repairs, and remodels. Thank you to all our Men and Women in the armed forces for their service.Affordable Plumber in Northeast Houston

AAA Select Plumbing is here to help home and business owners get the most out of their plumbing. From simple plumbing repairs to full-blown plumbing remodels, our team of dedicated plumbing professionals is here to help you find the best plumbing solutions for your unique space.


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