Should I Replace My Water Heater

Should I Replace My Water Heater?

We rely on our water heaters to supply our homes and businesses with hot water. Hot water is critical in order for us to keep ourselves and spaces hygienic and functional. Unfortunately, hot water heaters cannot last forever and are oftentimes neglected until there is an issue with the quality of water you are getting or a lack of hot water present in your space.


Water heaters will experience normal wear and tear from extended periods of usage that can lead to the buildup of minerals. This can make your water hard and may also cause the color or smell of your water to change. If you do not have a tankless water heater, overtime mineralized water may begin leaving sediment at the bottom of your water heater tank. This can lead to rusting and corrosion, which not only affects your quality of water, it can also negatively impact your water pipes. The sediment at the bottom of your tank will be continuously reheated over time, causing it to become thicker, which will lead to less space for your tank to fill with water. This may make it so you are unable to heat an adequate amount of hot water at one time. Whether you are experiencing an issue with the quality of your water or the amount of hot water you get at once, the plumbers at AAA Select Plumbing are here to help you! We have years of experience servicing and replacing water heaters.


Our professionals are able to quickly assess the cause for your water heater issue. We will be able to quickly explain the severity of the issue to you so you are able to decide if repair or replacement makes more sense for your space and budget. In some cases, simply draining and cleaning a water heater’s tank can be enough to correct the issues you are experiencing. However, in other cases, more extreme measures are needed in order to correct the problem with your appliance. Don’t settle for cold showers any longer when you contact our team! If your hot water heater is causing you issues, leaking, or you simply are looking to have it inspected or evaluated by one of our water heater experts in Houston, contact AAA Select Plumbing Services today. We can help get your water heater working efficiently and without error quickly!


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