What Kind of Pipes Do Plumbers Use

What Kind of Pipes Do Plumbers Use?

Whenever it comes to your plumbing pipes, you may be unsure of what your current plumbing system is made up of, or what the best alternative is for replacement. When selecting a pipe style for your plumbing, it is no longer as simple as choosing between galvanized steel and cast-iron. These days there are many different types of pipes that are suitable for water supply, drainage, sewer, and more.


Listed below are the most common types of pipes used for residential and commercial plumbing lines:


PEX Pipes: Pex pipes are newer and increasing in popularity rapidly. This is a pipe that is specially designed to supply water throughout a space. These pipes are strong enough to hold up against the pressure of water but malleable enough to be snaked through walls, ceilings, basements, and more. PEX piping is inexpensive, color-coded, and more flexible than any other type of piping available on the market today. The one setback is these pipes are newer so their longevity is to be determined.


PVC Pipes: PVC piping has been around for quite some time now. This is an inexpensive and simple material that is much easier to work with than metal pipes, such as steel and copper. It is a lightweight material that makes installation as simple as possible. While these pipes are fitted together, in order to break them down they will require a cut. This is not a big deal because they are easy to saw through and can easily be repaired.


Rigid Copper Pipes: This is a more expensive option for piping that many people prefer because it comes without health risks and tends to last a long amount of time. Maintenance on these pipes will be more intensive and costly than on either PEX or PVC pipes. If you have rigid copper pipes in your home or business but wish to upgrade your system to something more lightweight and new, contact AAA Select Plumbing in Humble, TX, today.


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