Why Is My Yard Soggy

Why Is My Yard Soggy?

Have you noticed something is a bit off with your lawn? Soggy spots may go unnoticed for days or weeks, before eventually being discovered by homeowners. If you notice a soggy spot has developed in your yard, you will want to address it immediately as it may be a sign that there is a serious problem with the plumbing leading to your home. When these problems are not quickly corrected, you can experience damage to the foundation of your home, as well as expensive repairs that will only grow more expensive the longer you wait to fix them. At the first sign of a soggy spot in your yard, contact the plumbing professionals at AAA Select Plumbing in Humble, TX. Our team can quickly identify the source of your soggy yard problems and help you protect your property from developing more severe damages.


Listed below are the main causes that can lead to soggy spots in your yard:


Leak In Your Water Line: One of the quickest ways to determine if the soggy spots in your yard are coming from a leak in your water line is by checking your home’s water meter for leak detection. On the meter there is a dial that will read leak detection, if this dial is spinning, it is an indication that you have an active leak. If you are unable to locate a leak detection dial, turn off all the water in your home and record the water meter number listed. Give it 30 minutes and then go check to see if the number has changed on your water meter. If the number has changed you may have a water line leak.


Leaking Septic Tank: If you have soggy patches in your yard, this may be due to a leak from your septic tank. You may detect a strong sewage odor coming from your yard, letting you know there is a problem with your waste containment. A leaking septic tank may also change the color of the grass around it, making it more vibrant and bright. If the leak is serious, you may even notice raw sewage has made its way onto your lawn. If you have reason to believe that your septic system is leaking, contact the plumbing team at AAA Select Plumbing in Humble, TX right away!


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