Galvanized Pipe Replacement Kingwood

Galvanized Pipe Replacement Kingwood

There are many older homes in Houston that still have their original plumbing. Outdated plumbing can lead to many different issues in your home, including galvanized pipes. Listed below is an inside look into what galvanized pipes are, what they look like, and how to know if they need to be replaced.


What are galvanized pipes?

Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that have a protective zinc coating applied to them in order to prevent corrosion and rust from forming. If your home was built before 1960 there is a good chance galvanized piping was installed during the construction of your home. Galvanized piping was invented as an alternative for lead pipes, to protect water supply lines from toxins. While galvanized pipes did help eliminate exposure to lead, after decades of use, we have learned that galvanized pipes corrode and rust on the inside after being exposed to water for an extended period of time. If you have the original piping in your home, you may have corroded or rusted pipes.


What do galvanized pipes look like?

At installation, galvanized pipes look similar to that of nickel in color. However, as galvanized pipes age the color will begin to fade to a duller, lighter or darker color, depending on the environment it is exposed to. Additionally, in some homes the pipes will have been painted which can make it more complex to determine if you have galvanized pipes.


What problems come from galvanized pipes?

Low Water Pressure: Due to the restriction of the line, corrosion in galvanized pipes can cause lower water pressure throughout your home. Low water pressure can make it difficult to shower, wash dishes, and more. Luckily, if you have galvanized pipes in your home but want to replace them the plumbers at AAA Select Plumbing can help you. Our team offers the best repiping services in Kingwood, TX.


Inconsistent Distribution of Water: If some of the water taps in your household have low water pressure, but other taps have normal pressure, this may be an indication of galvanized pipes in your home. Corrosion in galvanized pipes can build up unevenly, which can lead to inconsistent distribution of water throughout your space. Additionally, this may be a sign that the galvanized pipe line could have been partially replaced in your home, with the original piping remaining in other places.


Discoloration of Water: Galvanized pipes that have become corroded with mineral build-up may lead to discoloration in your water. This is often due specifically to high iron content in your water. If you have ever noticed running your water stains your bathtub or sinks, leaving a dingy brown color behind, you may have dated and damaged galvanized pipes together. Contact AAA Select Plumbing for galvanized pipe replacement in Kingwood, TX.


Leaky Pipes: Aged pipes of any material have the potential to begin leaking, however, galvanized pipes are especially susceptible to rusting and leaking. Leaking pipes can lead to damage in your home that cost thousands of dollars to repair.


Do you believe you may have galvanized pipes in your home that need to be replaced? The team at AAA Select Plumbing in Kingwood, TX have the solutions for you. Our team can quickly assess the condition of your pipes, determine the material they are made from, and find solutions to improve the quality of your plumbing. Whether you need a partial repipe or to have your entire plumbing system repiped, we can help.


No matter the degree of skill required for your next plumbing project, the team at AAA Select Plumbing Services is here for you. We believe in providing the most comprehensive, affordable, convenient, and reliable plumbing services in Kingwood, TX. From appliance repair to full remodeling, we are here to get you the results you need without breaking your budget. Contact AAA Select Plumbing today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can put your plumbing problems in the past!


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