3 Steps to Take When a Pipe Bursts

3 Steps to Take When a Pipe Bursts

Have you experienced a burst pipe in your home or business? We have shared these 3 steps to take when a pipe bursts to help you correct the issue with minimal damage to your home.

What Happens When a Pipe Bursts?

When pipes burst, one of the main contributors is frozen pipes. If temperatures get below freezing, the running water turns into ice, expands, and puts significant pressure on your plumbing system which can lead to cracks.

However, ice isn’t the only culprit that leads to pipes bursting. Other factors include:

  • Corroded pipes
  • Bulky clogs
  • High water pressure

Signs a Pipe Burst In Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, pipes don’t make a loud sound and spray water when a pipe bursts (although it’s a possibility). The signs are actually more subtle.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for so you’re more likely to know when a pipe bursts:

  • Increased water bills
  • Water discoloration
  • Inconsistent water flow
  • Weird noises from your pipework

What Do I Do When a Pipe Bursts?

Step 1: Locate and shut off the supply valve. Shutting off the valve is the most important step because it will turn off the water supply to your home, helping to reduce the amount of water that will ultimately get inside of your space. This can prevent further damage while you locate and correct the broken pipe.

Prepare ahead of time by locating your main water valve when you first move into a new place. If you can’t find it inside of your home, check outside on the sides of your residence. It may be located by your water meter or a hose connection.

If you are experiencing a major leak, you may also want to turn the electricity supply to your home off as well to avoid potential hazards.

Step 2: Locate the leak. Knowing where the leak initially started can help you to control the problem and prevent it from becoming worse. Find the area by tracing the water damage in the affected area. Be sure to keep the water to your space completely turned off until it has been repaired.

Step 3: Call a professional plumberReach out to the professional plumbers at AAA Select at the first sign of a plumbing issue or burst pipe. This will help you to correct the issue quickly and efficiently.

AAA Select Plumbing Can Help You

Having a pipe burst in your home can lead to serious destruction, especially whenever it is not addressed immediately. The team at AAA Select Plumbing is here to help you minimize the damage done and restore functionality to your plumbing immediately. The team at AAA Select Plumbing in Humble, TX will work with you to keep your plumbing and appliances in safe and efficient working order for as long as possible.

At the first sign of a problem with the pipes in your home or business, contact AAA Select Plumbing Services. If you have any questions or concerns about the plumbing system in your residential or commercial space, our team can help! We bring reliable plumbing solutions to home and business owners. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help bring convenience to your life.

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AAA Select Plumbing is here to help home and business owners get the most out of their plumbing. From simple plumbing repairs to full-blown plumbing remodels, our team of dedicated plumbing professionals is here to help you find the best plumbing solutions for your unique space. We proudly serve the Greater Humble area.


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