Does Dripping My Faucet Protect My Pipes From Freezing

Does Dripping My Faucet Protect My Pipes From Freezing?

You may be unsure if leaving water dripping from your faucet is the most effective way to protect the plumbing in your home or business. On one hand, professional plumbing companies, property managers, and your friends and family have probably all told you that dripping your faucet protects your pipes from freezing…but then on the other hand news stations and community leaders seem to have a totally different take on how you should handle your plumbing.

The bottom line is, there are other precautions you can take to help prevent your pipes from freezing, however, dripping your faucets is extremely effective and an excellent way to protect your home this winter.

Geico shares the following information to help you protect your space this winter:


Do Leave A Faucet Running

Just a small trickle from the cold tap will keep water moving in your pipes, preventing a solid freeze in all but the most extreme cases.

Do Keep The Heat Turned Up

Bell prefers a 60ºF setting to make sure a home’s coldest, draftiest corners stay warm, even if there’s no one at home. It may add to your energy bill, but it could save you thousands in water damage from a burst pipe.

Do Leave Cabinet Doors Open

You won’t be home to trip over them, so leave under-sink cabinet doors open in the kitchen and bathrooms. This will help keep warm air circulating around the pipes. (And if you’ve kept the heat turned up, the air in the rooms will be nice and warm.)

Do Thaw Frozen Pipes—Very Carefully

If you return home and turn on a faucet only to find nothing comes out, don’t despair. “If no signs of damage are seen, sometimes a single-fixture supply line can be thawed by using a hair dryer,” says Bell. But don’t use anything stronger than a hair dryer and if you aren’t sure where the pipe is frozen, call a plumber.


Don’t Let Cold Air Into Your Home

Seal external openings, such as basement doors, windows and crawl spaces, with weather stripping, caulk and sealant. (Stopping drafts not only protects your plumbing, it will make your space cozier and more comfortable for you.)

Don’t Leave Hoses Connected

Ideally, you should drain sprinkler systems before the first freeze of the season. If you still have any hoses connected from fall gardening projects, disconnect, drain and store them, and shut off any exterior water spigots.

Don’t Leave Your Home Totally Alone

During particularly cold snaps, have a neighbor stop in a few times to visually inspect and operate each plumbing fixture, checking for water flow, and to make sure the heat is on.

Don’t Ignore The Signs Of A Frozen Pipe

Shut off the water supply to the broken pipe immediately to minimize damage and call a professional.


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