Signs That You Have an Underground Water Leak

Signs That You Have an Underground Water Leak

Underground water leaks can be difficult to detect and even more difficult to correct. They are messy and when untreated can leave a path of destruction that can be very costly. At AAA Select Plumbing we offer leak detection services in Houston and surrounding areas, performed by experienced plumbers that are quick to identify the warning signs that your commercial or residential property may have an underground water leak. It is important for home and business owners to have a reliable plumber they can count on in the case of an emergency because an untreated water leak can cause devastation to your property’s plumbing system, foundation, and lawn. These leaks can cause flooding, rot, and mold, all of which are difficult to completely remove.


Listed below are some of the main signs that your Houston home or business may be experiencing an underground water leak:


Water Pressure Changes: If you notice a sudden and extreme decrease in the water pressure coming from your sinks, shower, or appliances this may be a sign that you have an underground water leak on your property.


Irrigation Problems: If you notice that an area of your lawn which is generally watered by your irrigation system has become brown, dry, or dying this could be a sign of an underground water leak. Additionally, if you notice one area is particularly wet, flooded, ponding or muddy, this also may be a sign of an underground water leak. Contact AAA Select Plumbing right away to ensure your property is safe and secure.


Cracks: If you notice cracks in your pavement or foundation, this may be from an underground water leak. The moisture weakens the structures leaving them vulnerable to damage and cracks.


Unpleasant Odor: If you notice your plumbing or the outside of your home is suddenly putting off an unpleasant smell, this could be an indication of many different plumbing issues, including an underground water leak.


If you think that you may have an underground water leak near your Houston home or business, contact the highly trained and knowledgeable plumbing professionals at AAA Select Plumbing right away. When plumbing problems are occuring, reacting quickly can be the difference between a minor problem and a major disaster. Our team can help you find plumbing solutions for your space quickly! Call us today to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help make your plumbing more efficient.


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