Is A Gurgling Toilet A Warning Sign

Is A Gurgling Toilet A Warning Sign?

Do you have gurgling noises coming from your toilet? Are you unsure if a gurgling toilet is a warning sign that you have a sewer line clog or other plumbing system failure? Our team is here to help you. We address a wide range of plumbing issues to ensure your system is operating properly and without error. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our team.

What Toilet Gurgling Means

If your toilet is making a weird gurgling sound, the culprit most likely is your pipes. The main question is whether it’s a minor fix or a sign of a major problem.

Gurgling is a sign that something is blocking up your pipes and disrupting the flow of air. This negative air pressure means the air can’t flow correctly, and it backs up in your pipes, which is the source of the sound.

The Clog Could Be in Your Home’s Vent Stack

The drain-waste-vent system in your home may include a vent stack, which is a pipe that leads to the main roof vent to allow gases to escape. If you cannot clear the blockage with plungers or augers, you may have a blockage in the vent stack, meaning you’ll need a professional to deal with the issue.

Toilet Gurgling Could Be Due to a Water Main Issue

Sometimes, toilet gurgling indicates that something is wrong with the water main, meaning that it’s something your city will have to fix.

In this case, you will see other drains in your house start to gurgle or water flushed from the toilet bubbling up in the bathtub. If that is happening, the problem is out of your hands, and you should contact the city.

How to Avoid Toilet Gurgling in the Future

Once you do get the toilet fixed, take this experience to heart and be proactive about avoiding clogs in the future. Don’t flush anything that isn’t designed to go down the toilet. Generally, toilet paper is the only safe bet—even “flushable wipes” aren’t really flushable and can lead to clogs.

Even if you aren’t annoyed by the gurgling or bubbling, this is not a problem to ignore. A blockage in the system will worsen over time and could lead to severe damage to your system that will result in high toilet repair costs.

If you are wondering, “Is A Gurgling Toilet A Warning Sign?” Our team is here for you. Reach out to us today to have your plumbing inspected and any issues corrected as soon as possible.

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