Checking for Water Leak at Your Home

Checking for Water Leak at Your Home

Water leaks can lead to devastating damages to your home or business. The longer these leaks go untreated the worse the damage to your space may be. Listed below are some warning signs that you may have a leak and should contact AAA Select Plumbing Services in Houston for water leak repair services:


Consult The Meter: One of the most effective ways to determine if you are experiencing a water leak is by consulting your water meter. If you turn all water off inside of your home or business, this includes all appliances that use water, you water meter should stay still. If all of your water is shut off and you observe changes on your water meter, this is a sign that you have a water leak. If the meter changes right away, this means you have a serious leak, if it changes gradually over the course of an hour or more, this is an indication that you may have a small water leak.


Monitor Your Usage: Compare your water usage to the local averages online. If you notice your usage is higher than average and do not specifically have a cause for this being the case, you may have a leak. The dedicated plumbing professionals at AAA Select Plumbing Services can help you to identify and fix a water leak quickly and affordably.


Check For Changes in Your Bill: If your water usage has not changed but you are noticing a gradual or sudden change in the amount of money you owe for your water bill, this may be because you have a water leak. Generally speaking, your bill should stay around the same cost every month, unless you suddenly begin using more or less water in your space.


Check For Moisture: If you suspect you may have a water leak in your home, check the back of your cabinets, your ceilings, and under your sinks for a sign of a leak. Be attentive to your home and space can help you to catch small problems early, before they have the chance to transform into major issues.


If you have any suspicions that you may have a water leak in your space, contact AAA Select Plumbing Services as soon as possible. We specialize in water leak detection and water leak repairs. Don’t let your small leaks become major problems, instead contact us today! Our team will be happy to put your worries at ease and address any potential problems you may have!


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